Chris Wakoko

I’m Chris Wakoko, an animal and DIY enthusiast. I founded Floorsum to share my experiences and knowledge in fixing the issues we experience on floors in all types of buildings. Growing up in rural Iowa, my family and I had cornfields which I tended to as a young man. That developed my interest in insects and animals in general. We kept bees on the farm and some goldfish in a small fish tank in my father’s office. I also became skilled with tools and machines in general. When I moved to Seattle, Washington, for college, I further developed my interest in insects and other animals. Besides my finance degree at Seattle University, I put my skills to use in many areas, including making and maintaining aquariums, beehives, and houses. I have since worked with many experts in the fields of farming, animal and plant care, hobbyists, and others. The blogs I create have helped thousands of people solve problems and start successful business ventures.

A car in a garage with a brick floor

How to Clean Brick Floors without Chemicals

The desire for sustainable and chemical-free living extends to our homes in a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact. If you’re fortunate enough to have the rustic charm of brick floors gracing your living space, you likely appreciate their timeless appeal. However, maintaining these unique surfaces requires a different approach than traditional flooring. In this …

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How to measure a floor

How to Measure a Floor: The Steps

Installing new flooring can transform a room’s appearance and functionality and raise your home’s worth. Getting accurate figures is crucial to installing your flooring or hiring a contractor because high-quality flooring can be pricey.  To measure a floor, measure the length and width with a tape measure, multiply each area’s length by its width, then …

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