About Us

I’m Chris Wakoko, the owner and founder of Floorsum. Floorsum expresses my work, experience, and passion for great-looking floors and related areas. I’m a member of the International Certified Flooring Installers Association, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR), and an alumnus of the DIY Training Center.

Growing up in rural Iowa, my family and I had cornfields, which I tended to as a young man. That developed my interest in animals and handiwork. We kept bees on the farm and some goldfish in a small fish tank in my father’s office. Given my exposure to farmhouses and equipment, I also became skilled with tools and machines.

When I moved to Seattle, Washington, for college, I further developed my interest in animals and DIY projects. Besides my finance degree at Seattle University, I put my skills to use in many areas, including making and maintaining aquariums, beehives, and houses.

I have since worked with many experts in DIY projects, farming, animal and plant care, hobbyists, and others. My blogs have helped thousands of people solve problems and start successful business ventures.

My posts may include affiliate links from which I may earn some commission at no extra cost to our readers. I only recommend high-quality products and proven solutions to common flooring problems.

Thank you for being part of my team.